The research goal of our lab is to study computational algorithms to overcome limitations of traditional cameras and to help users create new visual contents and manipulate them. Our research interests include computational photography, computer graphics, computer vision, image processing, machine learning, deep learning, and other related fields.


Deep Learning

The evolution of deep learning has been led by applications in computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, and computational photography ...
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New Types of Cameras

We study algorithms and applications for new types of cameras such as 360-degree cameras, dual cameras, and RGB-D cameras ...
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New Image Editing Applications

New image editing applications enable users to create new types of visual contents and manipulate them ...
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New Ways to Capture Photographs

We study algorithms to lower the barrier to capturing photographs, which require either high-level technical skills or additional equipment ...
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Image Deblurring

Blur, which is one of the most annoying artifacts in photographs, is caused by physical limitations of cameras such as ...
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One paper accepted to Pacific Graphics 2018

A paper titled “Defocus and Motion Blur Detection with Deep Contextual Features” has been accepted to Pacific Graphics 2018 ...
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One paper accepted to ECCV 2018

A paper titled “SRFeat: Single Image Super Resolution with Feature Discrimination” has been accepted to ECCV 2018, one of the ...
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Best Student Poster Award at DGIF 2017

Kyungkook Kang, one of our lab members, was awarded Best Student Poster Award at DGIF 2017! Congratulations to him! ...
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One paper accepted for publication at IEEE TPAMI

Our paper “Deblurring Low-light Images with Light Streaks” (Zhe Hu, Sunghyun Cho, Jue Wang, Ming-Hsuan Yang) was accepted for publication ...
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One paper accepted to ICCV 2017

One paper of ours titled “Convergence Analysis of MAP based Blur Kernel Estimation” has been accepted to International Conference on ...
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KCGS 2017 Best Paper Award

Our paper “Deep Learning based Photo Horizon Correction”, which was published in the Journal of the Korea Computer Graphics Society, ...
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E3-314, DGIST
333 Techno-jungangdaero
Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun
Daegu 42988 South Korea